Leo is a superb physical one-man dance show show that is highly likely to have you on your feet by the end, giving a standing ovation. The show is mind-bending, illusionistic and spellbinding.

Leo, Tobias Wegner, imagines what it would be like to turn the world ninety degrees on its side, but then film it and simultaneously project the image, rotated back again ‘right way up’. The brain is then left with an almost mind-altering situation where it tries to process the two situations, one real and the other surreal. In one part Leo throws his hat up in the air and it falls back to earth. However on the screen, it gives the impression that the wall is ‘magnetic’ as the hat goes sidewards to hit it. Leo used some amazing imagination to and a lot of gymnastics in his show, in which physical movement and some saxophone playing – is the only form of expression.

The audience were fascinated and often highly amused by some of the effects. Leo would do very well with this show at  a venue like the Tate Modern in London. Some people would call it living modern art and would flock to see it. Certainly this is the first show where all the audience were standing up a the end! This show is destined for a great future.

Leo is on at St Georges West Church at 8.30pm daily until 29th Aug (not 24th)

After the show, Thomas Haywood caught up with Leo for a short interview.

Interview with Tobias Wegner (mp3)