Llwyth is a brilliant, powerful, enigmatic production that takes the audience through a whole range of emotions from laughter, anger, grief to happiness all in 1 hour 45 minutes and they loved it too!

Deaf theatre goers – who are so often neglected – are strongly advised to go see this play as English surtitles are provided for the audience.  The main cast of 5 – Aneurin, Rhys, Gareth, Gavin and Dada interact extremely well together. One is left feeling like a fly on the wall observing gay lads in action on a night out in Cardiff, after Wales have lost in the Rugby in the Millennium Stadium.The play examines what it is like:-



to be Welsh, to be a man and to love. One can’t help believing that the actors have personally experienced a night out like this in Cardiff themselves before the script was written.

During the show there are small vignettes that take the actors into a new character temporarily. Each time they do a superb job and the change back is very noticeable too. The script switches frequently between Welsh and English but the surtitles continue regardless so the audience can keep up with what’s going on. The singing to recorded music is beautifully backed by a Welsh choir, leaving you clamoring for more

There are scenes of drug-taking, swearing strobe lighting and gay theme,  so this is not a production suited for children. At £10 for a ticket, it  is very good value for money for a show here at the Fringe and it’s such a shame that the run of the show is so short (just 6 days). Welsh Theatre of this quality should get up to Scotland more – it would be welcomed with open arms.

You can see Llwyth (Tribe)  at St Georges West Church in Shandwick Place until 28th August  – miss it at your peril!

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