Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell are a piano duo whose acrobatic finger-work on the piano leaves you awestruck at its speed and dexterity. The audience are able to appreciate the complexity of this by looking at the screen above the stage which shows the keyboard in action.

This show is musical teamwork of the highest order, one wrongly placed finger/hand and the tune would fall down on itself. Mixing cocktails gains an extra twist whilst playing the piano here and of course someone has to taste the results!

Their repertoire includes everything from classical and film to musicals and pop. There is even one part where they get the piano to sound like a guitar being plucked.

There is some very good light-hearted banter between the two, which ensures that this bubbly and a superbly entertaining hour is gone before you realise it.

See them before they are gone at the Udderbelly, daily at 3pm until 29th Aug.