As the crowds slowly gather and the chefs take to their pans, a buzz will start to build throughout The Meadows, almost certainly proportionate to the levels of hunger and salivation as the various cooking smells combine in the summer air.

If this sounds like your kind of start to the summer then The Taste of Edinburgh could be your scene. With top name chefs giving their own individual spin on their dishes and a range of other entertainments, the centre of Edinburgh’s largest park is guaranteed to be the culinary centre for the weekend.

Some of Britain’s top chefs take to The Meadows to provide a dazzling display of cooking prowess, with Gary Rhodes showing off the best of his British cuisine, the Italian chef Mattia Camorani and TV chef Rachel Allen all providing a host of edible delights, as well as tips on cooking your own meals.

The Taste of Edinburgh Festival offers many stalls dedicated to providing samples of the food on offer in some of Edinburgh’s finest restaurants.

Tickets vary in price according to how much access you wish to have, and children can go too! The only way to truly appreciate this great day is to get out and try a bite of everything, and as soon as the aromas hit your nostrils you will soon get the hang of the tokens and dishes mystery.

For more information and how to book tickets visit the website at, or alternatively call on 0871 297 0742.