The SNP celebrated the historic re-election of Alex Salmond as Scotland’s First Minister, the first First Minister to be re-elected, and the party’s success in the Scottish Parliament election last month, by unveiling a bust of party leader Alex Salmond.

Unveiled at their Headquarter’s at the heart of Holyrood at a reception for campaign staff the bust is the second commissioned by the party. The first of Winnie Ewing was unveiled last year by longtime supporter Sean Connery.

Speaking at the reception Deputy First Minister and Depute Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The result last month at the Scottish election was something that no one thought was possible. It was a result that broke the system. It was undeniably a political earthquake felt not just in Scotland but across the whole of the UK, and perhaps even further.

“The campaign that the party ran is one that will be studied by political theorists for years to come. It was an upbeat, positive campaign that placed Scotland at its heart.

“At its core was our leader Alex. His leadership and his direction has put the party into position that it’s in now and Scotland on the verge of joining the international Community in its own right. In recognition of this, the SNP has unveiled our tribute to him – and to give Winnie some company.”