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#SP2021 – the arithmetic of the Alba Party

What would it take for Alba Party to get MSPs elected in Lothian?In our previous article we described how the election system works for the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to be run on Thursday 6...

#SP2021 – Alba fielding four candidates in Lothian

The leader of the Alba party, Scotland's newest political party, Alex Salmond, is very used to the press. He is a former First Minister of Scotland as well as a former MP and MSP....

#SP2021 – Cardownie picks a new party

Steve Cardownie, the former SNP Group Leader, Deputy Lord Provost, Depute Leader of The City of Edinburgh Council with two different coalition partners, and former Labour Party member, has joined the Alba Party.Steve...

#SP6 – Alba Party announces four Lothian candidates

The newest party in Scotland, the Alba Party, has announced its 32 candidates standing in every region of Scotland.The way the voting system works is a form of proportional representation, with first past...

#SP6 – SNP list candidate moves to Alba party

A Scottish Parliament hopeful has become the latest SNP candidate to jump ship and join Alex Salmond’s newly-formed Alba party.Irshad Ahmed, an Edinburgh businessman who has been a member of the SNP for over...


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