What the Fork Monarchs need to produce their best form for Friday’s visit of Redcar Bears who emerged victorious from their road trip to Berwick Bandits last Saturday.

Recent defeats by Glasgow Tigers and Leicester Lions have given Monarchs a jolt and Redcar bring a mix of quality and Armadale experience to West Lothian.

Former Monarchs’ captain Erik Riss, plus ex-Monarchs in Charles Wright and Jason Edwards, are threats. Then add Lewis Kerr, Kasper Andersen, who has scored double figures on his two previous appearances, Jordan Jenkins, who was a recent maximum scorer in a National League visit, and Adam Roynon and that adds up to a formidable line-up.

Monarchs will use rider replacement for Norwegian racer Lasse Fredriksen who is travelling to Hungary for a European Championship qualifier which gives Kye Thomson and the Reserves extra rides.

Italian rider Paco Castagna is under pressure and has been asked to arrive earlier than he has been following a series of meetings when it has taken him a ride or two to get going.

Alex Harkess, Monarchs’ team manager, (pictured by Nigel Duncan with co-promoter John Campbell) admitted: “The one single thing we need to do better is get out the start. Whatever the track’s like isn’t important if you’re already last.

“It is unfortunate for our new riders to feel the pressure and feel they are struggling. Pressure will build up inside them. Not necessarily from us (the bosses). We’ve got to keep working on them to make sure we get the best out of them.

“This week’s visitors Redcar are very welcome. It’s always been a pleasure to have them here and it is a pleasure to go there, as we will on Sunday. They have one or two riders that we welcome back. Erik Riss we always think of as one of our boys but we will be out to prove that we are better than our recent results.”

Friday’s match will be live streamed on www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk

WTF MONARCHS: Sam Masters (capt), rider replacement for Lasse Fredriksen, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Jacob Hook, James Sarjeant.

AGILIA BEARS: Charles Wright, Adam Roynon, Erik Riss, Kasper Andersen, Lewis Kerr (capt), Jason Edwards, Jordan Jenkins

Following the senior match on Friday there will be a Northern Junior League match between Armadale Angels and Redcar Cubs.