Independent bottler Cask 88 is releasing a collector’s edition set of 19-year-old, single-malt, Ben Nevis whisky to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott.

And the collection also observes VisitScotland’s Year of Stories in which Scottish inspired, created or written stories are being celebrated and showcased.

The four-bottle set includes a hand-made, bespoke whisky board which appears as a leather bound book. Each of the whiskies is adorned with famous phrases which Scott popularised through his writing; ‘Savoir Faire’, ‘Apple of my Eye’, ‘Lock, Stock and Barrel’ and ‘Tongue in Cheek’.

James Zorab, the company’s whisky manager, selected an ex-bourbon hogshead of Ben Nevis distilled in December 2001 and split the contents into four smaller casks; Oloroso Octave (Lock, Stock and Barrel 51.6% ABV)  Red Wine Firkin (Savoir Faire 55% ABV)  Pedro Ximénez Octave (Tongue in Cheek 52.7% ABV) and Virgin Oak Firkin (The Apple of my Eye 53.6% ABV).

The collection of whisky and bespoke whisky board will retail for GBP 995. The bottles will be sold together as a set, with 50 sets created and the Sir Walter Scott Collection will be available to purchase through Cask 88’s website for international shipping from Friday, 27 May.