It is always hard to get a good shot, but even more so when you have to be quick and your subjects are on the move.

Thomas Haywood, photographer was in Glasgow to get a flavour of what the UN conference in Glasgow was about when he happened on two prominent US politicians.

PHOTO of President Barack Obama Thomas Haywood
John Kerry United States Special Presidental Envoy for Climate PHOTO Thomas Haywood

First he met John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State during the Obama presidency, and the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, who was visiting the US stand at COP26.

Then President Barack Obama, also visited the stand for only about six minutes.

Obama was meeting the US delegates at the conference, and had come in through the side door.

Photographer, Thomas Haywood said: “Very much by good fortune I managed to get in with the press pack to get these photos. We only had two or three minutes to get the shot and obviously Mr Obama did not really face us very much. He was gone as fast as you could say US President. This was his part of a tour round Glasgow and the COP26 summit.”