What the Fork Monarchs take a 12-point lead from the first-leg of their SGB Championship quarter-final against Redcar Bears into Friday’s scheduled return at Armadale (tapes-up 7.30pm), but Monarchs bosses have warned about complacency.

Michael Palm Toft (Redcar) and (pictured) Anders Rowe (Monarchs) are both questionable starters after recent injuries and rider replacement will apply if they can’t make it.

Monarchs’ director Mike Hunter argued that Bears will try to catch the Monarchs off-guard, aware that the West Lothian side have been unusually vulnerable at home this season.

In-form Josh Pickering, one of Monarchs’ heat leaders, said: “Our heat leaders have been going well all season and now we have strengthened up the bottom end. Drew Kemp was great at Redcar (he scored 13 points) and Jason Edwards (a guest) rode well.”

Former British Champ Charles Wright, recent signing Lewis Kerr and Aussie Jake Allen are the Bear’s top men. They have useful backup from Jordan Jenkins and James Sarjeant who should know his way around Armadale having ridden for the club.

Hunter added: “Friday’s match will be live streamed, however the stream will be available only to those outwith a 25 mile radius of the track. Anyone within that limit but unable to attend should email info@edinburghmonarchs.co.uk”

WHAT THE FORK MONARCHS: Sam Masters (capt), Anders Rowe or rider replacement, Kye Thomson, Josh Pickering, Richie Worrall, Drew Kemp, Jason Edwards

AGILIA BEARS: Charles Wright (capt), James Sarjeant, Jake Allen, Michael Palm Toft or rider replacement, Lewis Kerr, Ryan Kinsley, Jordan Jenkins.