Food Facts Friends have put out a call for help from local people explaining that they are in desperate need of supplies of food.

On a Facebook post the charity said that their food bank relies on local people and on supermarkets for the food that they are then able to redistribute. At present the situation is that there is an acute shortage of supplies – partly due to delivery difficulties to local shops as well as the pandemic.

The charity believes there will be a surge in referrals to the food bank as a result of the change to Universal Credit which will in many cases be reduced by £20.

Since there is a shortage the volunteers have to ask that anyone who receives food form the food bank does not also use the community shop. And they have appealed to those who can to add a few items to their weekly shop to donate to the food bank – or ask for a monetary donation which can be handed in to their community hub at 42 John Street Penicuik.

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