Erskine is the charity providing support to 1,000 veterans and their spouses, with four homes in Scotland one of which is in Edinburgh.

The charity would like to remind our readers that donations and financial support is crucial to them. It costs £10 million each year to keep their care homes at a high standard, looking after their residents safely.

The main method that Erskine uses to gather its income is by door to door fundraising. Their representatives are trained in Covid-19 health and safety measures and social distancing, and are easily recognisable with Erskine ID badges, purple branded clothing and face masks. They know the Erskine story and can explain the difference that even a small donation makes to their work.

Donations are not accepted in cash, cheque or card at the door. The method of donating to the charity is by signing up to direct debit, ensuring it is safe and convenient to the donor and the charity. There are contactless ways of signing up by QR code or by text.

You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions by visiting