Two of the most popular angling shops in the Lothians re-open this week. Fishers in Penicuik and Edinburgh Angling Centre (EAC).

Fishers is back on Tuesday, April 27 while EAC are back on Monday, April 26. Both have implemented changes in line with Scottish Government regulations.

EAC will be open from 9.00am everyday until 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 5.00pm on Sunday and will limit the number of customers instore and late night Thursday shopping is cancelled until further notice.

Granton store bosses say they have limited stock of certain items and the vending machines will be closed as will the casting pool.

They do, however, have plenty of live bait in stock but customers are advised to phone ahead and pre-book ragworm or lobworms.

Picture: Paul Christie with a fine fish caught on an Aquamarine Charter out of Eyemouth