Here is a fun competition for readers and their children under the age of 16 to enter.

What do you have to do to enter?

  • Boil up some eggs and decorate them.
  • Then send us a photo of the egg (preferably with the creator in the photo) and we will publish a selection of photos in our April newspaper. Send your photo by WhatsApp to 07791 406 498 or by email to
  • Please provide us with the creator’s name, age and school.

The winner will be chosen by the Edinburgh Sketcher, Mark Kirkham, and artist Cassandra Harrison. and will win a voucher from Morrison’s to buy themselves a chocolate Easter egg.

So how do you decorate an egg?

Here are some top tips from The Edinburgh Sketcher:

Mark Kirkham, the Edinburgh Sketcher, has some good practical advice and provided us with the photos to illustrate our article. He said: “We (or maybe it is just me actually) always paint the eggs white first, and I use water colours mostly so this helps cancel out the egg colour. I agree that using sharpies or maybe just felt tips for outlines is a good idea and you can then colour in with paint.
“One year we drew faces on two sides so a happy/sad or dog/cat combination on each. I found our old eggs so have attached a few photos. 
“And if drawing faces what about making a collar out of card for the egg to sit in, maybe a loo roll tube which you could decorate into a body. I may be over-egging the idea now….”

SO GET CREATIVE! And send us your photos to be published with a name, age and school in our April edition.