A letter from Mrs Patricia Baillie Strong on registering to vote.

Dear Madam
There are many examples all over the world where democracy is being attacked, so as citizens we really need to vote.  However, only about 58% of registered voters in Edinburgh and Lothians voted in the last Scottish Parliamentary election in 2016. This seems quite low to me. Elections for the Scottish Parliament are due to take place in May this year. 

Also, about 7% of the Scottish population have non-UK nationality. A German EU citizen I met in Princes Street recently had lived in Edinburgh for over 20 years but had never registered to vote.

Some of your readers may not be aware that they can vote in Scottish Parliamentary elections if they are resident here. You don’t have to be Scottish (but you do have to be over 16). You can register to vote at the website www.mygov.scot/register-to-vote-scotland

I encourage everyone to register and take part in this democratic opportunity to shape our community.

Yours etc

Patricia Baillie Strong