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Letter to the Editor – register to vote

A letter from Mrs Patricia Baillie Strong on registering to vote.Dear Madam There are many examples all over the world where democracy is being attacked, so as citizens we really need to vote. ...

‘Disproportionate’ electoral system is bust say Electoral Reform Society

If the UK electoral system was reformed then the results of this year's General Election would have been fairer.This is the view proposed by the Electoral Reform Society in a report which is published today and...

Edinburgh people urged to register to vote in May

There was a big push last year ahead of September's independence referendum to get people to register to vote, but once more Edinburgh residents are urged to think about their right to vote, with 100...

Scottish Independence Referendum – largest electorate ever

A total of 4,285,323 people have registered to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum on Thursday 18 September, making it the largest electorate ever in Scotland for an election or referendum.The total electorate figure...

Voting tomorrow – a guide – with video!

The City of Edinburgh Council is urging all those eligible to use their vote in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections and Referendum on the UK Parliamentary voting system. Polling cards have now been sent...


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