Traffic Scotland report that the Queensferry Crossing is closed due to adverse weather

  • It is closed to traffic in both directions and a diversion is in place via the A985 Kincardine Bridge

The Queensferry Crossing is currently closed to vehicular traffic due to ongoing weather conditions, including falling ice and snow. 

Chris Tracey, BEAR Scotland’s South East Unit Bridges Manager, said: “The safety of bridge users comes first and therefore we’ve made the decision to temporarily close the Queensferry Crossing due to ongoing adverse weather conditions.

“We are constantly monitoring the structure in real time using a bespoke system of weather sensors on the towers and deck of the Queensferry Crossing. 

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to road users by this closure and will reopen the bridge when safe to do so.”

Forth Road Bridge

EdinTravel have also reported that the Forth Road Bridge is closed to traffic too.


A lorry has blocked the A70 Lanark Road West where one of our readers mentioned to us this morning the roads remained untreated.


Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on,

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