At a time when people are more disconnected and isolated than ever, due to Covid-19, wanted to create something to unite the country and connect communities together, through the medium of art.

Esther Donaldson from Edinburgh was selected as the artist to represent Scotland as they brought together 12 artists from up and down the country (one artist from each region of the UK) to create one collaborative piece of artwork.

They posted a blank piece of paper around the UK, from artist to artist, region to region, with each individual artist having only a matter of days to add their contribution to the page, whilst simultaneously connecting their contribution to the work of the previous artists.

 The piece is now being auctioned for charity on the Art Supplies website to help fund UK community projects.

Esther Donaldson said: “I always work on my own so working with others, even though I didn’t meet any of them in person, was a lovely change.  

“My contribution is based on gardens, parks and country estates, the natural plant world.  Everything in nature is connected.  You alter one part of nature and other parts will be affected.  I chose to paint a tree. Trees are connected to each other by their roots and communicate messages to each other to signal drought or disease. They are a strong symbol of connection.”

Esther’s addition to the artwork