Glencorse Reservoir boss Bill Taylor has been forced to bring in a new rule for next season which will open on March 25 and run until October 10.

Day sessions will be Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm for three boats or more – he has 11 in total – and it is booking only on the 106-acre water above Flotterstone. There is no bank fishing.

Bill has been hit by a number of late cancellations this year and said: “All clubs and group bookings must confirm the number of boats they reserve two weeks prior to their outing (next season).

“They will be issued with a reference code when confirming and if they cancel or turn up with fewer numbers without giving us ample notice they will be charged for each boat they don’t take.

“This policy has had to be introduced due to the constant over booking and cancelations at short notice.”

The popular fishery in The Pentland Hills is now closed for the season but has received glowing reports from anglers from all over Scotland and England.

Fish well into double-figures have featured in catch returns from the water last season and it is no surprise to learn that Bill’s order book is filling up fast for next year.

All Saturday dates are almost gone and Bill said that it is mostly from repeat business after anglers had enjoyed their Glencorse experience.

Cormorant patterns in red and green have been among the successful flies along with FAB and Blob this term. Damsel flies have also scored.

Finally, retail news is that Fishers have taken delivery of the Penn Rival Longcast Reels for carp, surf and feeder disciplines as there are sizes to choose from 6000, 7000 and 8000. There is also a 7000 size reel, spool and case surf pack for shore anglers and there are introductory offer available in-store and online.