What The Fork Monarchs have confirmed that the Caledonian Riders Championship will take place at Armadale Stadium on Friday (7:30pm) and 12 of the sport’s brightest intermediate level riders will compete for the Caledonian Trophy.

The match will be held behind closed doors and broadcast live on EMTV and the line-up is set to feature William Lawson, Kyle Bickley, Leon Flint (picture by Taz Macdonald) of Berwick Bandits, Greg Blair, previous winner Elliot Kelly, Mason Watson, Lewis Millar, Gavin Parr, Luke Muff, Gregor Millar, Harry McGurk and Danny Smith.

A Monarchs spokesman said the club is looking for sponsorship to help defray the costs of the event.

Ian Arnold who has already supplied significant backing but further sponsorship is sought and specifically heat sponsors at £25 each.

Each heat sponsorship includes access to the live stream, a copy of the special programme being produced for the event.

Email info@edinburghmonarchs.co.uk for more details on heat sponsorships

You can buy access to the live stream over on EMTV:Live for £5 and tune in from 7:20pm on Friday for the build up to the event.