Harlaw (pictured) and Threipmuir continue to fish exceptionally well, producing double and triple bag limits on the sunniest and coldest days, according to Robert Ross, a director of not-for-profit Malleny Angling Ltd (MA Ltd).

Blank returns, he said, are the exception with most anglers catching some of the superbly-conditioned, hard-fighting rainbow and blue trout.

The average weight is around two and a half pounds, with many bigger fish up to four or five pounds.

Robert said: “Harlaw also has bigger fish up to around ten pounds in weight and the capture of one of these specimen fish could make the day or season for any angler.

“The fish have been generally down at about three feet with surface activity in the evening and they have been feeding on fry.

“Successful patterns have been small lures such as yellow dancer, black dancer, viva, black and green lure and hot head damsel tied on a size 10 standard or lure hook.

“Buzzers have also been successful fished at between three to six feet and, in the evening or during a rise, anglers have been successful with small muddlers, mini deer hair sedges or Bolton’s sedge.

“A mini green Booby tied with a green chenille or fritz body fished on the surface has tempted many fish.”

Robert said lines used have varied from a slow sink or sink tip for lures to full floating for dry fly and buzzer fishing.

Threipmuir, which is stocked with only brown trout, continues to provide excellent sport with one angler catching and releasing 17 fish in one morning. The water has a head of brown trout of up to five pounds in weight

Harlaw and Threipmuir are fly only fisheries and the use of spinning tackle is prohibited.

Anglers on catch and release permits are reminded by Robert that hooks must be barbless or the barb flattened and that fish must be unhooked in the water.

He added: “Fishermen are advised not to drag the fish onto gravel or stone and the use of a landing net is not advised. Where necessary, the net must have a knotless mesh, to release fish carefully.

“At Malleny Angling Ltd (MA Ltd) we care about our fish and any anglers who badly treat fish being returned may be asked to leave the water and have their permit revoked.”

He revealed that Harlaw will continue to be stocked at least twice a month or more often if required until the end of the season.

Robert said: “We believe this will continue to ensure the excellent fishing continues.”

All day and evening permits must be purchased online in advance. Arriving at the water and fishing without a permit is illegal and MA Ltd reserve the right to prosecute offenders.

Robert also urged anglers to observe the social distancing guidelines, remaining at least two metres apart at all times and five metres apart while fishing.