Six volunteers from removed 17 trolleys, seven bikes, a scooter and assorted road signs from the River Almond in a three-hour stint.

The initiative is part of an on-going programme by Forth Rivers Trust and West Lothian Angling Association to help boost the river for locals and fishermen.

Scot Muir, the organiser, said the group started at Livingston Rugby Club and worked their way upstream through Howden to Livingston Football Club.

The rubbish was collected by Your Junk after the finish of the clean-up and more volunteer events are planned.

Scot said: “Hats off the guys for their work here and on our previous clean-up last autumn which removed 33 trolleys, three bikes and two scooters from the river.

“Why people throw items into the river is beyond me, but we are doing our best to improve the environment.”