Edinburgh South MP, Ian Murray, has secured a place on the Labour deputy leadership ballot paper after support from grassroots members across the UK.

Mr Murray said ordinary members up and down the country have chosen to put change on the ballot paper, with every other candidate only offering continuity.

To qualify for the ballot, candidates need nominations from either 5 per cent (33) of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), or from at least three affiliated groups.

Ian Murray, Scotland’s only Labour MP, has now been nominated by the required number of CLPs from England, Wales and Scotland, with more still to nominate before the February 14 deadline.

During the campaign he has travelled the country to listen to voters about how Labour must change, meeting people in Liverpool, Delyn, Leeds, Nottingham, Bermondsey, Cardiff, Islwyn, Bristol, Exeter, Stoke, North Tynemouth, Edinburgh, Scunthorpe and Newcastle.

Ian said : “I’m extremely grateful to ordinary Labour members across England, Scotland and Wales who have backed me for deputy leader.

“Grassroots members up and down the country have chosen to put change on the ballot paper.

“If members are happy to remain in opposition, they should vote for one of the other candidates who all stand for continuity.

“But to return to power, Labour must change and become a credible alternative government. That starts by listening to voters in seats we lost, which is what I have been doing during this campaign.

“I will continue to campaign in every corner of Britain over the coming days, because Labour must become a party for the entire country once again – all its nations and regions.

“Having a Scot at the top of the party will send that important signal, as the path to a Labour government will always run through Scotland.”

Ian Murray MP Campaign Launch, Wester Hailes Education Centre, Edinburgh, 16 Jan 2020 PHOTO John Preece