Fife based Smart Grid expert, Hugh Smeaton, believes that an International Conference on Climate Change coming to Glasgow next February – the edie Sustainability Leaders Forum  – will provide the perfect forum for Scotland, as host nation, to present the Smart Grid he designed for the U.K. Government back in 2013.

Meeting the Coalition Government of 2010’s original brief for a Smart Grid which complied with EU regulations, Smeaton’s technology has so far not been adopted by the UK which is currently using a system which neither picks up network losses, nor complies with the EU.

The vote taken at the 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change to reduce Avoidable Carbons, created a demand for a System, such as Smeaton’s, to measure and reduce the Electricity Theft from Low Voltage Networks.

Smeaton said : “The U.K. has so far gone up a “Blind Technical Alley” by Ignoring EU Directive 2006/32/ EC based upon Power Line Carrier [PLC] communications in favour of an illegitimate Department of Energy and Climate Change Embargo on a PLC.

“At present China and the EU are claiming to be manufacturing 1,000,000 PLC based meters a month, whilst the U.K. has a clear Crises on Climate Change. The time is nigh for the DECC Embargo to be revisited.  The problem was created by Ofgem who would only allow access to the £500M LCNF via a DNO: 50% of whom were foreign owned.

“I was delighted to hear about this imminent conference next year, right on our doorstep in Glasgow.

“The Crises now is not just that every Low Voltage Network in the UK has been polluted with Smart Meters that cannot support Smart Grid, but that this fate will befall any intentional L.V. Network that chooses the U.K. Smart Meter System.

“However, Scotland still has a chance to steal a march on the rest of the UK, and possibly the rest of the World.  At a Scottish Smart Grid Action Plan Workshop in 2014 it was announced not only that DECC and Ofgem had accepted I had met the Objective DECC set to me in March 2011 to design the Smart Grid promised in the 2010 Coalition Agreement Documentation, but that the DECC Smart Meters could not provide the basic data for a Smart Grid.

“This Conference provides the possibility of displaying my system worldwide on the Internet. When a vote for a $500 billion U.N. Budget gets carried to tackle Climate Change, I hope the FOE will help stop the UK Government from blocking the Technology!”

Further details on the Conference here