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Smart Grid engineer wants to use his invention to boost employment

With unemployment set to soar in the UK following the Covid-19 pandemic, a retired engineer continues to lament the fact that successive governments since 2010 have not adopted his innovative Smart Grid system.He...

Engineer says Scotland could win the Smart Grid race

RETIRED ENGINEER SMEATON CONTINUES HIS SMART GRID FIGHT  Funding sought for innovation to make Scotland the Smart Grid market leader.Retired engineer Hugh Smeaton from Dalgety Bay, a leading engineering entrepreneur in his day, and seldom...

Climate Change Forum – an opportunity to discuss Smart Grid

CLIMATE CHANGE FORUM PRESENTS  IDEAL OPPORTUNITY TO DISCUSS SMART GRID CREATED BY SCOTTISH EXPERT Fife based Smart Grid expert, Hugh Smeaton, believes that an International Conference on Climate Change coming to Glasgow next February –...

Retired engineer to patent plan for smart grid system

 Hugh Smeaton, whose innovative smart grid system can capture network losses, warns Scottish Government not to fail Scotland again to create employment from the technology he and his colleagues have created- “Scotland...


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