Anthony Alderson has his own Just Eat bike named specially for him and he arrived on stage this morning on the bicycle at Pleasance Grand to tell us that we should all cycle and recycle.

And apart from that he wanted to show off the best of what Pleasance has to offer this year with the Kidzone celebrating its 10th year and Comedy Reserve marking 15 years of existence. There are over 200 shows every day from theatre to music and circus to dance in three locations Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Dome on Bristo Square and Pleasance at EICC.

We saw nine acts this morning all in the course of research for you.

Fishbowl has the energy of silent film with slapstick which defies belief and a magical set with all sorts of devices and tricks.

Suzi Ruffell was compere today – freshly engaged and most engaging, she filled the gaps while the sets were changed between acts. She came to the Fringe last year and completed a sell-out run in Dance Like Everyone’s Watching.

Suzi Ruffell. Photo: Martin P. McAdam

Nigel Ng is innovative and charming. Malaysian and proud of his heritage but now enjoying life as an immigrant here.

Daniel Ng

The War of the Worlds is reimagined for our disinformation era.

Catherine Cohen has a beautiful voice – as she will tell you and show you when you go and see her in The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous.

For BMX skills we already highlighted ISH Collective to you earlier in the year and one of their cyclists was back to wow us this morning.

BMX performance by ISH Dance Collective. Photo: Martin P. McAdam

Bryony Kimmings is in I’m a Phoenix, Bitch (why does everyone have commas in their show titles this year?) This is part of the British Council showcase.

Sara Barron’s stand up routine has an element of revenge about it. Enemies Closer is about hating those you are supposed to love and loving those you’re supposed to hate.

Perhaps Contraption brought the show to a close. A nine piece brass band with a difference.

Anthony Alderson said : “Pleasance’s programme this year is all about storytelling. the telling of stories has always given us purpose and even today literature, theatre, comedy and art remain a fundamental aspect of our evolution. Art offers us opportunities to explore and challenge the norm. This programme is full to the brim of such experiences, rich in issues and challenges. This festival is always at the forefront of so many conversations. Let’s put the arts back on the pedestal of knowledge it deserves to be on and to allow it to truly breed creativity.”

And a special mention to Christopher Richardson who is celebrating his 80th birthday this year. Richardson is the founder of Pleasance who famously brought Rowan Atkinson to the Fringe for his first show.

Christopher Richardson founder of the Pleasance. Photo: Martin P. McAdam