Local MSP and Minister for International Development Ben Macpherson is in Zambia. Today he announced a joint project between the Scottish Government, First Aid Africa and local businesses to ensure an electricity supply for the hospital called Livingstone’s Hospital.

Solar panels will ensure a consistent energy supply for the first time, vital for keeping lights operating and storing essential medicines.

The Minister made the announcement today during his visit. He said: “From the death of Dr David Livingstone in Chitambo, and the hospital founded in his name, to the subsequent visits by his descendants and generations of nurses and doctors over the years, particularly through the Scottish Charity, ‘Friends of Chitambo’, the links between Scotland and this part of Zambia are long standing.

“I’m pleased that we are able to carry on this work, and in partnership with First Aid Africa and local businesses are able to help secure the sustainable long-term future of Chitambo Hospital.

“By ensuring a continuous supply of electricity for the hospital, this partnership will help countless people from Chitambo and the surrounding parts of Central Province in Zambia.

“By working with local businesses to share expertise, it is the Zambian communities themselves that will deliver long-lasting improvements to their medical care. With this being United Nations Global Goals Week – and the theme being collaboration – it is especially fitting that we are able to announce this partnership now.”

Ben Macpherson – SNP – Edinburgh Northern and Leith and Minister for International Development
Photo – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Sam Abrahams, CEO First Aid Africa said:  “Chitambo hospital serves tens of thousands of people in one of the most rural districts in Zambia. This project was about partnership, not pity.  This is a story of how Zambian innovators are building a better future for their country, and utilising their friendship with Scotland to create lasting relationships and practical change. It’s about how collaboration, and funding from Scotland leveraged the might of Zambian business, international charities, and the local community. Scotland and Zambia are leading the way in showing that partnership, true partnership, can save lives.”