Willie Dunn welcomes the club’s new sponsorship deal

Newly-formed Edinburgh-based ice hockey side Murrayfield Racers have clinched a sponsorship deal with a leading Scottish company.

Scottish Debt Help provide support and options to individuals and families in debt.

The Glasgow-based company assist clients to become debt free and their logo will appear on Racers’ jersey.

The company have pledged to work with local charities to offer tickets to families who are unable to provide a Christmas present to their children.

Simon Bailey, the company’s head of marketing, said: “We’re delighted to join the Murrayfield Racers on the start of their journey.

“The deal we’ve been able to secure with the Racers organisation is a another important step for us.

“And we are thrilled to have been able to develop a package which sees our community needs met, whilst also helping to promote the business and work we do.”

He added: “Under the guidance of Tony Hand, Murrayfield Racers will grow and develop into a team which hockey fans in Edinburgh will be proud to support.

“We can’t wait to see what Tony and his squad can achieve on the ice this season.”

Murrayfield Racers will play in the Scottish National League (SNL) and the National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) One (Cup).

Willie Dunn, a club director, said: “We are particularly pleased to work with the company to help families have an exciting evening out watching Murrayfield Racers at Christmas.

“Our target is to build relationships with companies which will last long-term and we see Scottish Debt Help as being one of those companies.”