No it’s not the name of a Fringe show. It is the gathering of like-minded people who want to mark President Trump’s visit to Scotland this weekend.

There is a march in Glasgow on Friday and in Edinburgh on Saturday 14 July. Whether or not there is a blimp baby as there will be in London we shall have to wait and see. Police Scotland and the Scottish Government have issued guidance and the earnest hope that these events will be conducted without any disruption.

Scotland United Against Trump is made up of several different organisations as you will see from the list at the end of this article. Although the president is not likely to visit either Edinburgh or Glasgow organisers feel it is necessary to hold the marches in Scotland’s biggest cities.

Organisers say : “The march will start at the parliament before marching through the city, past the US Consulate and finishing in the meadows. Here we will hold a Carnival of Resistance against Trump with stalls, talks, music and games (‘Toss the welly at Trump’, Trump’s head coconut shy and, of course, mini golf).”

They explain the reason for protesting about the President’s visit to Scotland : “Scotland Unite Against Trump is a coalition of organisations and individuals that have come together to protest against the policies and politics of Trump and the corporate interests for whom he governs.

“We do not support the UK Government normalising his politics through cosy state visits and joint policy platforms. We oppose all attempts to emulate his politics here.

“Donald Trump’s presidency is proving every bit as dangerous and divisive as people feared. We want to show our support for those under attack and to reject the rise of this divisive and dangerous politics. We will stand up against hatred, racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry wherever and whenever they occur.

“Trump directly endangers action against climate change, discrimination and inequality, and steps towards peace and disarmament. At the very moment when the world needs more solidarity, more cooperation and a greater commitment to justice, he proposes to build walls and wants to turn us against each other.

“Trump is trying to create a new normal – one where his politics of greed and hate are accepted as an everyday part of life. We’re coming together to say we will protest any attempts by our governments to facilitate his vile politics.”

Read more on the Facebook page.

Supporting organisations include:
Scotland Against Trump
Scottish Labour Party
Scottish Green Party
Global Justice Now
Jubilee Scotland
Amnesty International
Muslim Council of Scotland
Friends of the Earth Scotland
Scottish Trades Union Congress
Common Weal
Edinburgh CND
Scottish Young Labour Socialists
Scottish Young Labour
Young Friends of the Earth Scotland
Stand Up to Racism
Socialist Workers Party
Scotland, Edinburgh & Glasgow Stop the War
Women’s League of Peace and Freedom
Edinburgh Trades Union Congress
Radical Independence Campaign
Trade Unions for Scottish Labour
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Humanist Society Scotland
Abortion Rights Scotland
Scottish Liberal Democrats
Gals for Gals Scotland