Ricky Wells top scored for Monarchs at Glasgow

Knockout Cup, first round, second-leg: Glasgow Tigers 43, Edinburgh Monarchs 46 (agg: 87-92)

Ricky Wells and skipper Erik Riss sprearheaded a road win to edge arch rivals Glasgow Tigers out of the Knockout Cup.

New Zealand-born Wells powered to 14 points and Riss claimed 12 as Monarchs won 46-43 at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium.

The Edinburgh side, 46-44 ahead after the first-leg at Armadale on Friday, and skidded to a 16-7 deficit after four races in Glasgow as the home side led 60-53 on aggregate.

It got worse as Glasgow led 26-15 and 70-61 overall after a 4-2 in Heat Seven but Monarchs then staged a remarkable comeback.

They won the next race 5-1 thanks to Josh Pickering and Joel Andersson and picked up a 4-2 in the next to close the gap to 29-24 on the day and 73-70 on aggregate.

Glasgow then won Heat ten 4-2 to move five ahead but Monarchs refused to buckle.

Heat 11 was drawn 3-3 but Monarchs won the next race 4-2 and Heat 13 by 5-1 with Erik Riss and Wells coming home first and second to close the gap to 39-38 and move one point ahead on aggregate at 84-83.

A 3-3 in the next race was followed by a last heat decider with Wells winning and Riss coming home second for a 5-1 and a 46-43 win on the day and 92-87 overall.