Macsween teams up with Innis & Gunn to host Rabbie’s Haggis Afternoon Teas

Macsween, Scotland’s Most Loved Haggis brand is extending its Burns celebrations this year by partnering with beer and restaurant brand, Innis & Gunn to host a unique Scottish culinary experience with Rabbie’s Haggis Afternoon Tea.

From Monday, for seven days starting on 22 January 2018, haggis fans in Edinburgh and Glasgow will be able to enjoy an Afternoon Tea with a Macsween haggis twist at the Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchens. Each component of the popular serving style will include Macsween’s Haggis as an ingredient, making it a great alternative for guys and girls looking to enjoy an alternative take on Afternoon Tea, as well as celebrate the nation’s favourite poet, Robert Burns.


Rabbie’s Haggis Afternoon Tea costs £15 for 2 people (including a ½ pint of Innes and Gunn Original) and will be available for the full week of Burns including the weekend during the hours of 12noon and 6.30pm. The menu includes something for everyone, with tasty treats such as haggis scotch eggs and haggis spiced chocolate truffles to choose from. Diners will simply need to make a booking with the Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen of their choice and request the afternoon tea at the time of booking.

James Macsween, Managing Director at Macsween, said: “There’s no better way to celebrate the renowned Robert Burns than with a delicious haggis. Here at Macsween, we’re excited to be working with Innis & Gunn on a unique Afternoon Tea menu that celebrates the versatility of haggis and offers an alternative format for Afternoon Tea that will hopefully make haggis even more accessible to everyone.

 “We are constantly looking at ways to share the experience of Haggis both here and abroad, and hope this will also show people that haggis isn’t just for Burn’s Night and not just eaten with the traditional neeps & tatties. Haggis can be enjoyed really easily in toasties, with nachos and as a lasagne. Hopefully, our afternoon tea at Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen will inspire more people to be adventurous and enjoy haggis in alternative ways.”

Paul McCutcheon, General Manager at the Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen Edinburgh, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Macsween on our unique Scottish twist on the traditional afternoon tea. It will appeal to those who already enjoy haggis and those who are curious to try it for the first time. Our chef, Dave Johnston, has created an experimental take on the Burn’s offering that shows how Scotland’s national dish can be enjoyed in many different ways – once you open your mind, there are no limits to its culinary potential. We can’t wait for the public to try it for themselves.”

To book the Haggis Afternoon Tea, visit:

Rabbie’s Haggis Afternoon Tea menu


·  Haggis Scotch egg

·  Sausage and haggis rolls


·  Scottish smoked salmon with dill cream cheese

·  Isle of Mull Cheddar and Tomato Chutney

·  Mini haggis rolls with brown sauce


·  Oatmeal and nutmeg scones with jam and clotted cream

·  Haggis spiced chocolate truffles