Richard Lawson, looking forward to the Scottish derby clash at Edinburgh on Friday. Picture Ian Adam

Glasgow are setting a minimum target of a point as they bid to maintain their unrivalled league record in the Scottish derby tomorrow.

Tigers are the only SGB Championship side to take something from each of their seven meetings this season.

If they win at Armadale, they will go joint-top with the Monarchs but they could go above them if they repeat their big-scoring heroics of the return fixture two weeks ago.

Twenty four hours later, the Tigers take on Redcar at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium in what’s anticipated to be a thrill-a-minute fixture.

Glasgow star Richard Lawson is keen to see his side’s record continue and insists a point, for teams that lose by six or less, is the least they should be aiming for on the road.

“That is our minimum target though some people would be happy with getting a point, with the way that everyone’s going at the minute, we should be aiming for more than that.

“You’ve got to come away from those meetings with at least a point, because even if they get the win and we get a point, it’s going to help in the league against those kind of clubs. But I think we should look for more.

“It will be an exciting meeting. Earlier on in my career I had some bad meetings at Edinburgh but recent years haven’t been too bad.

“It’s not a track I dislike at all, it’s just I didn’t have much luck there and then I dreaded going because of that.

“But I quite like the track now and it’s always a bit more fun riding for Glasgow against Edinburgh because of the derby. I look forward to it.”