16 and 17 year olds are being given the right to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum, so it is fitting that they are also given the opportunity of debating with politicians in the last 90 days or so before they exercise that vote.

BBC Scotland is to hold a televised debate with around 12,000 teenagers in the week before the referendum.   

In the biggest debate the country has ever held, the first time voters from across Scotland are expected to fill the iconic SSE Hydro on Glasgow’s waterfront for a BBC One televised debate on the referendum for Scottish Independence.

The landmark debate on 11 September 2014, gives 16 and 17 year olds the opportunity to air their views and aspirations, as well as grill politicians ahead of the historic referendum in which they will vote for the very first time.

Scrutinising the claims and counter-claims of those at the forefront of the debate, they will have the chance to ask questions that matter to them, speak about their hopes and fears and highlight their ambitions and aspirations for the future of the country.

John Boothman, Head of News and Current Affairs said: “This will be the biggest political debate that has ever been televised in Scotland.  We are proud to bring the nation’s young people together to hear the arguments that will determine the future of the country.”

The programme will be broadcast across the UK on BBC One, a week before Scotland makes one of the most important political decisions in its history.

Every secondary school in Scotland will be invited to take part.

The BBC will be contacting both campaigns to discuss the appropriate representative from each side to appear on the show.

Audience debates have been a key part of the BBC’s coverage of the referendum which was boosted by a £5million investment to fund a wide range of related programming ahead of the historic poll.

The next programme in The Referendum Debate series on BBC Two Scotland will be 8 July from Portree, Skye, and the weekly Big Debate on BBC Radio Scotland also continues to tour the country.

As part of the BBC’s Generation 2014, which is following 50 first time voters in the run up to the referendum, 25 of the group will take part in a live debate on the news and current affairs show Scotland 2014 on BBC Two Scotland on 30 June.