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Eddi Reader is back in the capital this month, appearing at the Queen’s Hall on the 25th as part of her ‘Vagabond’ tour, and today she kindly took time out from her busy schedule to chat to The Edinburgh Reporter about the concert and her latest album.

Eddi said: “I’m really looking forward to getting back on stage, playing music and staying in nice hotels!! When I’m not touring, I tend to sit on the couch and watch TV, so I need the exercise.

“Vagabond was only released in February but already has had many positive reviews and I have had some great feedback.

“I recorded around 26 songs and had to choose 12 as 26 won’t fit on a CD. This new album was supposed to be 12 songs that flowed well together but I couldn’t bear to leave some off. So I got my husband John to choose. When I protested he would say, “Those songs are on the next record”. We compromised on 14.”


“I’ll hopefully be playing many of the tracks at the Queen’s Hall although there will be plenty others. I’ve not decided exactly which ones yet, although my favourite ‘Back the Dogs’ will likely feature.

“My grandmother Madge was originally from Tralee in the south west of Ireland but moved to Glasgow around 1920 where she met a protestant man whose family were annoyed at him for wanting to marry an Irish woman.

“She used to tell me wonderful stories of her beautiful wee town where the devil played poker with the menfolk outside the church and there was a magical spa which kept you youthful for ever.

“She was full of that stuff, and used to talk about betting on the greyhounds which is what the song is about.

“I used to tape her stories on a Walkman, but sadly she passed away in 1988 shortly after I had a number one hit.

“I recently found the tape and wrote ‘Back the Dogs’ which is about me missing her.

“My husband John Douglas,  Alan Kelly, Kevin McGuire, Roy Dodds (Fairground Attraction), John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine will all join me on the stage so it should be a great night.”

Vagabond was released by Reveal Records last month and was recorded by Mark Freegard in Eddi’s hometown of Glasgow with a cast of well chosen musicians and friends eager to play their part in this, most captivating, deeply personal yet universal sounding album.


1. I’ll Never Be The Same

2. Back The Dogs (Dancing Down Rock)

3. Vagabond

4. Married To The Sea

5. Edinah

6. Snowflakes In The Sun

7. Baby’s Boat

8. Macushla (My Darling)

9. Midnight In Paris 1979

10. Buain Ná Rainich (Fairy Love Song)

11. In Ma Country

12. Pray The Devil Back To Hell

13. Here Comes The Bells

14. It’s A Beautiful Night