If you have ever wondered why school buildings lie vacant in the evenings and during the long holidays then you will be pleased to know that the council’s Culture and Leisure Committee are going to look at a new arrangement to make the best use of the buildings during out of school hours.

It is reported to the committee which meets tomorrow morning that such a scheme might save the council around £300,000.

The council plan to set up a pilot scheme which will come back to the committee in March 2013 to report on progress, but they will also report to the December meeting of the committee to ensure the project is moving forward. By the time of the next meeting this committee will be called Culture and Sport under the new governance arrangements.

The idea of the project is to place schools at the heart of their communities and perhaps increase the use of school buildings by others in the community, partly by ensuring that the hire of school buildings is made much easier.There will also be a single tariff across all school premises set at a reasonable level to encourage the hire of buildings for all sorts of purposes, and the hope is clearly to generate extra revenue.

The meeting of the Culture and Leisure Committee us to be held off site in the  Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 25 Hawthornvale, EH6 4JT beginning at 10a.m.

The full committee papers are reproduced for you below.

Full Meeting Papers 231012