The Scottish Government say they will become the first administration in the UK to make an official  publication available in digital download format for devices such as iPad and Kindle, after it was confirmed the Your Scotland, Your Referendum consultation will be issued as an eBook.

In a move that will widen access to the consultation with the aim of allowing more people to become involved in the important debate on Scotland’s future, ministers confirmed the eBook will be available to download from today for iPad, iPhone, Kindle,  smartphones, Android tablets and other eBook devices.

The latest development will now act as a pilot scheme for future digital distribution of Scottish Government documents, an initiative that   will improve access to important public files and could drive down print costs as more and more people in Scotland rely on digital devices for published material.

Cabinet Secretary for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford said:

 “The aim of the Your Scotland, Your Referendum consultation is to involve as many people as possible in the debate on Scotland’s future, as we look forward to the biggest decision in this country for more than 300 years.

“So far, many thousands of people and groups have accessed the consultation document via our website, or using a hard copy sent out by the Scottish Government, and thousands have then taken the time to respond and contribute to this exciting debate.

“But we want to encourage even more people to have their voice heard about how the referendum should be run, and we are looking at doing that in even more innovative and sophisticated ways.

“That is why, from today, the consultation document will be made available  as a free download  to devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Kindle as an eBook that people can read on-the-go and at a time that suits them – a first for a government  publication in the UK.

“I hope that this is the first of many documents to be published in this way, and I hope that this exciting step will help widen the scope of our ongoing debate to include as many people as we possibly can.”

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