We were on the roof of Stevenson College at Sighthill early this morning to capture some video and photographs of the demolition of  three tower blocks in North Sighthill.

Hermiston, Weir and Glenalmond Courts have been part of the city landscape and the skyline for over 40 years now.

Safety was paramount, with the public kept well back from the site of the demolition, and traffic was subject to diversions around the immediate area. It was quite a sight to see firsthand, although the speed with which the three blocks fell was a little shocking.

Pushing the plunger to create the demolition were nine-year-old Lewis Reynolds who designed the winning safety poster in a competition, local residents Maureen and William Murdoch, and Councillor Norman Work the vice-convenor of the Health Social Care and Housing Committee.

The area is now to be redeveloped with over 300 new homes to be built here, over half of which will be affordable housing, all part of the council’s 21st Century Homes project.

We have also now added a selection of our photographs on our Flickr Photostream…


  1. Hey Alex – yes Edinburgh Spotlight have photos from ground level – but we hope that we have given you the best of both worlds with our video footage and photos from the roof of Stevenson College which was the preferred viewing point for most of the media.

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