The Kist is a wonderful educational musical journey of Scottish music from its basic rhythms and Gaelic roots to the contemporary music from all over the world today. The large venue suits very well as the harmonies envelope the audience and have them tapping their feet to the beat. The music and songs from traditional folk, bluegrass, gospel, rock to American country – are complemented by poetry, history and tales.

So many other other productions would have decided to cut costs by having a recorded track with quality suffering but not here! The live acoustic band on stage – lead by Grammy Award winner, Marcus Hummon –  really adds an extra dimension in the richness of the sound. He is also accompanied by some very able musicians.  The set for this production is large and complicated and for good reason. It allows the cast to move around using various Kists – strong wooden chests “with a beating heart” – to sit on and take out props such as the tweed whilst interreacting with the musicians. The entire production is very professional and well worth seeing for something good to finish off your day.

You can see the Kist daily at 9pm until the 21st of August  (





  1. A Fabulous, lively, emotional, humorous, patriotic performance. Was really touched with the tales told, and with the absolute wonderful blend of Scottish and American music. Terrific too to see so much talent in the young performers – they were excellent. Fiona Kennedy was her usual amazing self and always seems to display an extremely humble character. Marc Hummon was a lovely cherry on this wonderful pie. Would strongly recommend it. I’ll be back again too!!!!!

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