Mr Kolpert is a play with some good acting, but the attention to detail lets it down. The premise behind the dark, anarchaic drama is that,  Mr Kolpert has been aparently murdered by the hosts before the guests arrive for dinner. There are some awkward moments that are portrayed well but then it descends into farce, enjoyed by some of the audience and not others. The character of Edith portrays paranoia very well, and this is one of the highlights of the show.

The stage area slowly gets very mucky as time goes along with bits of tiramisu, pizza and liquid all over. For example at the end, a cast member in the trunk in front of the first row of the audience had to get out to take his bow.

During the previous scene an open beer can was placed on the lid and this proceeded to spray over the whole front row when it lifted.(Maybe deliberate??)

You can see Mr Kolpert at C Soco at 6.40pm daily.


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