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Faces of the Fringe – part 1

Throughout the Fringe there will be a series of my photos published here giving a flavour of the characters attending this world famous arts festival. Here is a little sample:

Forest Cafe’s Literary Opus

As we type, Edinburgh’s Inky Fingers writing group are holding a 36 hour writing marathon in The Forest Cafe as their mini literary festival comes to a close.  The event, They Shoot Writers, Don’t...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Mr Kolpert (**)

Mr Kolpert is a play with some good acting, but the attention to detail lets it down. The premise behind the dark, anarchaic drama is that,  Mr Kolpert has been aparently murdered by the...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Mogic (****)

       Mogic is comedy magic that has the audience laughing from start to finish. The mail order magic kit has arrived with only an instructional tape cassette, now what can possibly go wrong ...? The...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe review: Fe Fi Fo Fun, Go and see this ‘Canadiun’! (*****)

Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones.Underbelly PastureAugust 15 @ 2.20pm/August 16 @ 6.30pmAll ages.Wowing delighted audiences young and old with his esoteric shadow-puppet paraphernalia, the Canadian-born, goggle-eyed potty Professor maestro of imaginary manipulation, Jeff Achtem, is...

Swamp Juice: No Shadow Of A Doubt (*****)

Swamp Juice. A Shadow Puppet Menagerie with a 3D FINALE. Underbelly, Cowgate. All ages.Sell your souls to Satan, pawn the Pekinese, put your kidneys up on ebay but just find money enough to secure tickets...

Fringe Review : Beef (*****)

The prospect of having to climb numerous flights of stairs to be shuffled into a slightly sweaty shoe-box of a performance space by polite but clearly flustered venue staff  is truly what the Edinburgh Fringe...

RashDash at The Fringe – Not For People Who Don’t Like Loud Noise

In March we reported that independent arts charity IdeasTap had announced the winners of their competition to win £10,000 to help bring a show to this years Fringe Festival.  Back then we chatted to...


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