Have you used The Scotsman Steps yet? They have been restored in a £250,000 project which has resulted in the steps becoming an art installation. What do you think of the steps now?

The European COO of Aegon Global Asset Management, Christophe Farrand, has tragically died in a house fire at his home in Stirlingshire, as reported by The Herald. Mr Farrand worked at the Edinburgh office of the finance company.

The trams project gets some more attention in The Scotsman today. The newspaper’s article explains that it may take private, and perhaps, foreign, money to finish the contract.

STV have reported that there are questions over Edinburgh’s cleanliness just as Keep Scotland Beautiful is about to judge the city on its beauty. Walking along almost any street in the city centre at certain times of the day, you might be faced with refuse strewn across the pavement and often the roadway as well, so are we surprised by this? Often it is the fault of the many seagulls in the city. They are very wily. New Town residents thought they had beaten the birds by hanging their black rubbish bags on railings, but it did not take them long to learn how to balance on the bags to rip them open. Speaking of wily seagulls, have you seen this YouTube sensation yet? It has had over 2 million views.

Alison Johnstone in her role as Councillor has demanded more information about the £20,000 spent by South Morningside Primary School on transporting pupils to overflow classrooms only half a mile away. The Scotsman reported the story, explaining that the parent council were looking for ways to save money which might be spent on a new gym facility at the school. They are said to have been shocked at the amount being spent on the bus service.