Others are looking forward to the political fight in May but  retiring Green MSP, Robin Harper, is planning his life after politics.

He said today:-“I am delighted to announce my election to the new board of the National Trust for Scotland. I will be starting work on the board just a few days after standing down from parliament, and am looking forward to it very much. I am sure the work will be as exciting and rewarding as my last twelve years in the Parliament, and it looks as if I will be quite busy enough not to miss it!”

Harper explained that, in his opinion, it will be a very strong board with the skills and experience to assist in securing the future of NTS. From a good starting point with reassuring improvements in legacies and donations this year, although in the long term there is no room for complacency.

Robin was elected as the UKs first ever Green Parliamentarian in the Scottish Parliament elections, May 1999, representing the Lothians. He is Co-Convenor of the Scottish Green Party. Robin is Convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment, Convenor of the Scottish Parliament Renewable Energy Group (SPREG) and Convenor of the Cross Party Group on Children and Young People.

Robin Harper has stood for the Greens at local, national and European elections since 1986. He was elected as Lothians first Green MSP, indeed Britain’s first Green parliamentarian on 1st May 1999. In May 2007, he was elected for the third time to the Scottish Parliament, representing the Lothians in May 2007. He is married with one stepson.


  1. Whilst I very much like Robin and I wish him well looking after the environment, I would just issue a warning: unfortunately like many other people I was taken in by him regarding global warming.

    Years later, there’s no question at all in my mind his was wrong. The scientific evidence (not Green party manifesto) clearly shows that whilst CO2 might cause 1C warming for a doubling, the claims of more than that are just patently ridiculous nonsense in the light of the finders of Spencer & Bracewell, Dressler, Lindzen & Choi.

    In other words CO2 does not cause the warming it was predicted to … we only need to look at the lack of cooling this century to see that. Moreover I won’t even try to express my contempt for the supposed effects of warming except to say: there’s not a single claim of a trend in extreme weather that stands up.

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