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Hidden Door launch a crowdfunder to help art graduates

Hidden Door has set up a fundraiser with a target of £10,000 so that they can exhibit the work of recent art graduates whose degree shows were cancelled due to Covid-19.This year’s five day...

Hidden Door – watch The Call online now

Hidden Door Live shows combine artist curators with musicians, visual artists, film makers and dancers in live-streamed performances. While we await the reopening of venues for their regular festivals, the people at Hidden Door...

It’s all systems go for Hidden Door 2019

The art festival run by volunteers set out to raise thousands last year to enable them to keep going - and the good news is that they have done it and the 2019 festival...

Hidden Door: Women with Fierce Words

What is your Fierce Word?Here are some that others have chosen:equality, joy, fierce, passion, mirror, truth, spirit, queen, empathy, transformation, thrawn*…These words were selected for their ability to empower. The women who chose them...

Hidden Door 2018 – can you help them get their crowdfunder over the line?

Hidden Door is a not for profit multi arts festival which begins on 25 May 2018. They have just begun their crowdfunder and are very keen for as much financial support as they can...

Hidden Door Festival – Friday 3rd June 2016

Interactive theatre company, Do It Theatre, treated us to performance, Ten Little Memories, an interactive private play on mental health in a room which unfortunately was a bit too small for the amount of people...

Hidden Door Festival is back in King’s Stables Road with an Electric City theme

For one last time, Hidden Door will transform the site into a venue where the public can explore and discover live music events, theatre spaces, bars, a cinema, and a multitude of art exhibition...

Hidden Door Secret Courtyard features ‘Sunset Song’ inspired installation

A much loved, leaky old caravan has been transformed into an intriguing art installation for this year’s Hidden Door Festival, thanks to inspiration from the most popular Scottish book of all time – Sunset...


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