The art festival run by volunteers set out to raise thousands last year to enable them to keep going – and the good news is that they have done it and the 2019 festival will go ahead.

The organisers have raised £40,000 and say the future now looks bright. They will be back in May with a long weekend of music, film and many other attractions.

This will be a stepping stone towards the full festival next year which will be set as always in new and unconventional spaces.

The festival began life in the Waverley Arches and moved to King’s Stables Road with a valiant move to Leith, rejuvenating Leith Theatre in the process.

David Martin, Hidden Door founder and Creative Director, said: “They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and we have come out of this with a lot of positives. The last six months have been difficult, but we are delighted not only to be bringing some great live music to Edinburgh this year, but to also be planning much further into the future.

“This is all thanks to overwhelming public support, as well as the generosity of the artistic community who donated work for our Art Sale fundraiser. The whole team has been so touched by this support, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone for putting their faith in what we’re trying to achieve.

“We’ve got more fundraising to do, but we are now able to put all our energy towards planning the return of a full festival in 2020, which we hope will demonstrate the full potential of Hidden Door to bring together innovative arts, adventurous audiences and spectacular spaces to create something really special for the city.”

Our main photo is courtesy of Chris Scott