A new name has been added to the already long list of restaurants and food outlets at St James Quarter in the Scottish Marketplace, Bonnie & Wild. The new name is a Sri Lankan street food outlet called Kochchi founded by Suki Jayaratne and Shehan Fernando.

The business won the People’s Choice Award at the recent Scottish Street Food Award and catered for the cast and crew during the filming of Batgirl and Good Omens. The mobile kitchen is created in a horse box which has also visited other events such as the music festival TRNSMT.

Photo by Jamie Simpson.

Mr Jayaratne said: “We were brought up around traditional home-cooking and Sri Lankan Street Food, and are passionate about sharing our amazing island dishes with other people. Kochchi has turned our dream into reality and for this we’re very lucky.

“Now we’re looking forward to a more permanent kitchen at Bonnie & Wild where we’ll be sharing our iconic Sri Lankan Street Food dishes that are vibrant and packed with flavour! Our creative combinations are made with local produce and cater to vegans, veggies and meat lovers alike.

“You can expect dishes like our legendary Kotthu, our show-stopping Hoppers and signature Deville dishes.”

Mr Jayaratne explains that Kochchi is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular dishes, prepared by bashing ingredients with metal plates against a hot plate.

He said: “You will hear this dish being prepared before you see or smell it. It’s the ultimate comfort food, and tastes as good as it sounds.”

Hoppers are savoury crepes formed into a ‘bowl’ made from rice flour and coconut milk with a soft-centre and crispy edges, and can be filled with sweet or savoury goodness to form breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Ryan Barrie, Bonnie & Wild’s Operations Director, said: “I’m delighted that Suki and Shehan are bringing their Kochchi Sri Lankan street food to Bonnie & Wild. I love the food, but I also love the energy and passion Suki and Shehan bring with it.

“This is yet another example of the diversity and brilliance of Scotland’s food scene, which is beautifully demonstrated within our Food Hall, featuring some of the country’s best chefs using some of the country’s finest products and natural ingredients.”

Kochchi is due to open week beginning 18 July.

Photo by Jamie Simpson. Paisley Food and Drink Festival 2022