Thousands of people all marched from Holyrood to Bristo Square in Pride Edinburgh 25: Let It Be.

The organisers are keen to stress that all events at Edinburgh Pride are free and no tickets are required. See below for the list of sponsors.

Today was a day of love in Edinburgh with lots of laughter and happiness among those taking part. This day is intended to “move forward to a future of equality for all irrespective of sexuality, gender, colour, class or creed”. It was a happy event attended by Police Scotland who all seemed to have good fun en route, but probably one of the largest parades we have ever been to here in the capital.

This is just some of our photos – there are more on Facebook.

Cllr Kayleigh O’Neill with Minister for the Circular Economy Lorna Slater MSP wearing the shades

The organisation thanked their sponsors shown in the photo below.