During Pride Month the city’s tram system has highlighted its own commitment to equality and inclusion.

Following the launch of a major recruitment campaign, which proved an attractive proposition for applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, Edinburgh’s award-winning tram network is championing LGBTQI+ inclusion across the light rail industry.

Edinburgh Trams’ Managing Director Lea Harrison explained: “Promoting a diverse workplace for colleagues, while encouraging talent from all backgrounds and communities, is at the core of our corporate values. 

“We are proud to provide a workplace environment where employees are free to be who they truly are, which genuinely helps us to deliver service excellent for our customers.”

As Edinburgh hosted the longest running Pride celebrations, members of the Edinburgh Trams team shared their own views on diversity and their experience of working for the operator.

Several employees who identify as LGBTQI+ have benefited from the company’s professional development programmes and now perform management roles. These include Assistant Safety Manager, Ross Crawford, who began his journey at Edinburgh Trams almost eight years ago.

“Edinburgh Trams has many employees, from Customer Service and Ticketing Assistants to Management, that are part of the LGBTQI+ community. Having this representation throughout many levels of our business creates a safe space for our team to thrive.

“Throughout my career I have been encouraged and supported by my managers, enabling me to climb the career ladder and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far.”

Kayla Johnson

Kayla Johnson, who has recently joined the Customer Relations team, is convinced that customers are more likely to engage with companies that pride themselves in developing a sense of ‘togetherness’. 

“I think employers should encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace because the staff need to reflect the communities they serve,” she said.

“The more you can be yourself in your place of work, the better it is for your mental wellbeing. This thought process brings a sense of positivity within yourself and to the wider team. At the same time, it also gives other people that don’t know much about the LGBTQI+ community to learn a thing or two, instead of making assumptions!”