In a campaign which has been overshadowed by the goings on in Westminster, the SNP say that a vote for them this Thursday will “send a shockwave to Downing Street”.

The Sunday Times poll published yesterday says that the SNP will get the largest share of votes this week with the Tories in third place.

SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, said::“Scotland has an opportunity this Thursday to force the Tories to act on the cost of living crisis.

“Together we can send a political shock wave from Scotland through Downing Street. We can put Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak under real pressure to act now to help families out.

“Every SNP vote this Thursday will have that impact. It’s only the SNP that has Scotland at heart and only we can be trusted to stand up to the Tories.

“Every SNP councillor elected this week will stand firm against the Tories, ready to lock them out of power.

“Our priority will be supporting families through the current cost of living crisis – not just in words but in action – working tirelessly for local communities and local services. 

“All too often we’ve seen the Tories propped up in power by Labour and the LibDems.

“When push comes to shove, only the SNP can be trusted to lock the Tories out of council chambers across Scotland. 

“This Thursday – Vote SNP to protect local services, secure action now to help struggling families, and keep the Tories out of power.”

We asked the First Minister on the campaign trail on Sunday in Portobello about Anas Sarwar and his banning of formal coalitions. She told us that she really does not understand his position.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon with Cllr Catherine Fullerton who is standing again in the Sighthill/Gorgie Ward PHOTO ©2022 The Edinburgh Reporter