Tom Woolley (pictured by Jack Cupido) was a favourite with everyone at Armadale Devils last season. producing consistent displays which earned him an average just under eight.

The 28-year-old has re-signed and said he enjoyed being with the Devils last year. He added: “Everybody around the place is so welcoming. Such a friendly atmosphere from management to fans and everyone really – yes I really enjoyed my year. So I was keen to stay this year.

Tom wasn’t totally happy with his progress and said: “I started the year off quite well, then I went through a bit of a lull for a few meetings.

“It started to come back towards the end of the season so I need to find a bit more consistency and have a solid year all the way through and not just the start and end, or just through the middle.”

He added: “The team bonded well last year, there was a good atmosphere and I don’t think anyone found it hard to ask questions. Everybody gelled and nobody was shy in coming forward. I’m quietly confident that we can build on what we did last season.”