Local charity, the Eric Liddell Centre, has launched an appeal for help this Christmas.

Working as a day care provider supporting elderly people with dementia, disabilities, and mental health issues – the centre has suffered financially this past 18 months or so.

Based in Morningside, the Eric Liddell Centre provide services such as Dementia Day Care Services, a Carers Programme, a Befriending Service, a Dementia Support Programme and Music Therapy.

Like many other charities, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic led to the centre being closed for 15 months, severely impacting income and opportunities to raise funds. After reopening in July, the charity is still struggling to get back on their feet both in terms of footfall and getting back into a routine.

Clients of the Eric Liddell Centre have suffered in the last 18 months due to the nature of illnesses such as dementia. The charity says their clients thrive on familiarity, routine, and meaningful social interaction, and this is something the pandemic affected. It has made it especially difficult for people living with dementia, and there are reports of increased levels of confusion, fear and anxiety; some elderly people becoming virtual prisoners in their own homes, lonely and isolated.

In a bounce back from the pandemic, the centre, like many, have adapted a blended approach to their care through the centre, online and home-based services and activities, ensuring they continue to meet the needs of the vulnerable people who need support. Throughout the pandemic, they offered phone calls and newsletters, food programmes for the vulnerable, shopping, prescription and laundry collection and a range of online health and wellbeing activities.

The Eric Liddell Centre asks for your help this Christmas. The centre estimates that it will take three and a half years to recover from the pandemic, even with continued financial assistance. 

CEO, John Macmillan, is asking for public support to the centre, showing what donations of just £7 can do.

£7 – could provide a tasty home-cooked lunch for one of the Day Service Clients

£20 – helps cover the costs of specialist dementia activities and events

£50 – helps cover the costs for a carer or befriending day outings and special events

£100 – helps to pay for the specialist training the charity provides to their volunteers